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YD-A4 Integral Dental Unit
Strong and stable dental units, for child and elder.
YD-A4 (19) LCD control dental chair
7" LCD control board system, Multi control and clear to show the treatment process.
YD-A4 (17) Integral dental chair
Floor type integral dental units, strong and stable.
YD-A3 integral dental chairs
90° cabinet box rotation dental chair units. Made the four hand operation more convenient.
YD-A2(19) 180° Rotation dental chair
Innovation design dental chair with 180° rotation cabinet box, for the left& Right hand dentist, at the same time, make the big space for four hand treatment.
YD-A2 Mid- market dental chair
Whole landscape film viewer and the elegant one-piece cuspidor.
YD-A2 portable dental chair
Portable cart version instrument tray, Reduce the space limitation when operation.
YD-A1 Double water bottle type dental chair
Double water bottle system, one for pure water, and the other is disinfectant water. Make the treatment more healthy and safety.
1EW Portable Dental Air Compressor
one for one air compressor
YD-A1 Integral Dental Chair Units
Halogen& Led combo lamp. Can satisfy different dentist and treatment in the same time.
2EW Silent Air Compressor
one for two air compressor
4EW Dental Air Compressor
one for four dental air compressor