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YD-A4 Integral Dental Unit
Strong and stable dental units, for child and elder.
YD-A4 (19) LCD control dental chair
7" LCD control board system, Multi control and clear to show the treatment process.
YD-A4 (17) Integral dental chair
Floor type integral dental units, strong and stable.
YD-A3 integral dental units
90° cabinet box rotation dental chair units. Made the four hand operation more convenient.
YD-A2(19) 180° Rotation dental chair
Innovation design dental chair with 180° rotation cabinet box, for the left& Right hand dentist, at the same time, make the big space for four hand treatment.
YD-A2 Mid- market dental chair
Whole landscape film viewer and the elegant one-piece cuspidor.
YD-A2 portable dental chair
Portable cart version instrument tray, Reduce the space limitation when operation.
YD-A1 Double water bottle type dental chair
Double water bottle system, one for pure water, and the other is disinfectant water. Make the treatment more healthy and safety.
YD-A1 Integral Dental Chair Units
Halogen& Led combo lamp. Can satisfy different dentist and treatment in the same time.
YD-D1 Integral Dental Units
Economy dental chair with leather cushion
YD-D1 Economics Dental Unit
Build in Tissue box dental chair